Typical Application:
For exterior use where a durable weatherproof
finish is required. Provides UV-protection and
is water repellent. Also suitable for use on
roughly-sawn wood, e.g. wendy houses and
fences. Not suitable for use on indoor
Product Features:
Totim Exterior Wood Sealer is a clear or tinted
exterior sealer with transparent iron oxides
and a UV-absorber, which provide extra
protection against harsh sunlight.
 Protects exterior wood against seasonal
and environmental moisture variation.
 Extra protection against ultra-violet
 Available in four tints: Pine, Mahogany,
Teak and Golden Brown.
 Also available in Clear.
 Suitable for all wood types.
 Provides a low-gloss finish.
 Deep penetrates to nourish wood.
 Non-toxic when dry.
 Biodegrades at the end of its life cycle.
 Complete how-to-use instructions on label.

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